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X70 The New Work Companion

Media Type:Article


To meet the ever increasing exhaust emission regulations, Argo Tractors have
developed the X70 Series tractors that not only comply to these regulations but
offer additional customer benefits form increased performance and lower running
costs long term. 5 models from 150 to 232hp are powered by the latest
generation of engines using SCR technology.

The 5  models of the new X70 series are powered by the new Betapower engines featuring an S.C.R. (Selective Catalyst Reduction) system making these tractors comply with the Tier 4 Interim standards without altering the engine performances. The SCR technology uses an AdBlue fuel additive from a dedicated tank which is adjacent to the main fuel
tank. AdBlue is injected into the exhaust system prior to the catalytic converter which then destroys or reduces many of the harmful gases and particulates. The amount of AdBlue injected varies according to the load demand on the engine and has various safety functions incorporated to prevent inadvertent operation.

The 6.7 Litre Betapower 6 cylinder engines feature a 24 valve cylinder head to maximise air flow and combustion in conjunction with a high pressure Common Rail fuel system. The electronic management ensures optimum performance and
economy depending on load.

The powerboost function increases power output up to 25hp when using the PTO as well as in transport range on certain models.

The fully tilting hood provides easy access to the engine for routine service and daily maintenance.

The “Xtraspeed” transmission with 32 speeds over four ranges provides 8 speeds powershift under load in each of the four ranges. The multi disc hydraulic power shuttle providessmooth directional changes and is easily operated by the left hand. A choice of manual range shifting (STD) or electronic push button control (E-Plus) is available both offering 32 forward x 24 reverse speeds. E-PLUS version use push button control for all transmission speed selections. An AUTOROADING function
provides automatic gear shifting during transport operations selecting the right gear to suit the engine load and rpm, this feature ensures simple operation and maximises fuel economy. On E-PLUS versions the shuttle gears are programmable to further enhance shuttle operations. A creeper unit can also be factory fitted as an option to achieve 48 forward and 40 reverse speeds.

The four-post cab with large, rear-hinged doors provides total all-round visibility and allows the operator to enter and exit with ease. It comes as standard with a powerful air conditioning system integrated in to the roof, or for natural ventilation simply push open the transparent roof panel above. This panel also offers additional viability.

Adjustable steering wheel and air seat with multi-function armrest on the E-Plus version. The stylish interior and excellent soundproofing make driving a pleasure. The tractor may be supplied with an electronically-controlled hydraulic cab suspension system, which, combined with the independent front axle suspension, provides maximum driving comfort. A comprehensive lighting package means night time work can continue safely.

The closed centre hydraulic system features a variable displacement pump providing a flow rate of 110 or 130 l/min (a pump with a higher flow rate of 163 l/min is available as an option on the two upper models) and ensures optimum operation of the 4 rear hydraulic valves available. In the E-PLUS version the 4 control valves are electro-hydraulically controlled by the knobs
1 and 2 integrated into the multi-function armrest  where timers and flow regulators are also positioned for easy and comfortable adjustments according to the job to be carried out.

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