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Latest Develon News

Develon. Develop Onwards.

The Develon Range

Develon is a world leader in the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of heavy construction equipment right across the globe, with the vision of becoming a top-3 leader.

Their range of large excavators, wheel loaders, and articulated dump trucks offer an outstanding level of quality, reliability and performance but without premium pricing. The machines are built for easy maintenance, durability, fuel efficiency, and operator comfort, backed by quality support through Clark Equipment's national branch and dealer network.

Doosan. The closer you look, the better we get.

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E: clark@clarkequipment.com

Develon Excavators

Develon Excavators offer a level of quality, reliability, and performance that surpasses all expectations.

Make your next crawler excavator a Develon model and you'll enjoy these advantages:

  • An ergonomically designed cabin, including fully automatic heating and air-conditioning, a six-way adjustable seat with lumbar support and a telescopic control stand.
  • Bi-directional cooling fan and fan swing out options offer optimal operator comfort and more convenient maintenance.
  • High-quality filters, providing longer service intervals and increased reliability.
  • A rear view camera and wide vision mirror, for increased safety at the rear site of the machine.
  • The fabricated, single robust base plate main frame absorbs the forces associated with loading, twisting and penetration.

Excavators in Detail

Develon Wheel Loaders

Develon wheel loaders boast an impressive combination of raw power and versatility, ensuring great performance both on and off the highway.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose a Doosan wheel loader for your heavy equipment work:

  • Raw power and versatility are engineered into the Doosan wheel loaders to perform in today's high-demand work sites.
  • Greater performance on and off the highway, make this machine more productive on the work site.
  • The fully automatic power shift ZF transmission with directional and kick-down control minimize operator fatigue to increase productivity.
  • More return on your wheel loader investment through proven Doosan technology.
  • Lower operating costs using easier routine maintenance, extended service intervals and increased fuel efficiency.
  • Centralized hydraulic pressure test ports are accessible from the ground for quick and easy diagnostics.

Wheel Loaders in Detail

Develon Articulated Dump Trucks

Why settle for any old standard dump truck when you can get the premium performance of a Develon Articulated Dump Truck at an affordable price?

Develon ADT’s feature:

  • Independent front suspension, ensuring maximum ground contact and stability
  • Sloping rear frame, creating a low centre of gravity, maximum stability, and excellent weight distribution to the front axle
  • Extended cab, offering easier operation and improved driver comfort
  • Tier 3 engines, meeting ISO 8178 emission regulations
  • Free-swinging rear tandem bogie, offering best possible ground contact
  • Our articulation hinge system, distributing equal weight to the front axle in all situations
  • Permanent 6-wheel drive, providing significant traction advantage in rugged terrain

Articulated Dump Trucks in Detail