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The New Bobcat Automatic Sonic / Slope Kit for Grader

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For those situations where a laser isn’t effective, the sonic tracer/slope sensor kit from Bobcat takes grading presicion to new frontiers.

Sonic / Slope Automatic grade control for virtually any terrain. One side of the blade follows the objects (stringline, curb/gutter etc) below it while the other side moves to maintain the desired cross-slope.

The sonic tracer/slope sensor kit enables operators to create an accurate cross-slope or precisely grade when laser receivers and transmitters are limited by jobsite obstacles or the grade needed does not follow a plane. Just place the sonic tracer over the top of the object you want to use as a reference and set the blade depth as needed. Set the desired cross slope. Then click a button on the control handles to switch to automatic operation.

The system can also limit itself to creating only the cross-slope in automatic mode by disabling the sonic tracer. The operator can then manually control the side of the blade on which the sonic tracer is mounted and the cross-slope sensor will automatically maintain the correct cross-slope across the blade. This is especially useful when making first passes to provide a smooth surface for the sonic tracer to follow on the next pass.

Main components include:

Sonic tracer: Mounts on either side of the moldboard and uses ultra sonic signals to maintain a distance to an object below, such as a stringline, previous pass or curb and gutter. The sonic tracer only moves the elevation cylinder for the side of the blade in which it is mounted.

Cross-slope sensor: Mounted to the back of the moldboard, this sensor moves the side of the blade opposite of sonic tracer. It maintains a cross slope that you determine.

Deluxe Instrumentation Panel: Used to control the operation of the system, deluxe instrumentation enables the operator to set the parameters of the grading system and provides realtime information back to the operator during operation – such as distance-to-target for both elevation and slope. There is no bulky, expensive control box to take up space in the cab.
To operate:



  • Grade – reverse : quickly change slope from positive to negative, or negative to positive
  • Units can be displayed in metric units or inches
  • Automatic mode indicator for cross slope control
  • Increment / decrement offset height of sonic tracer
  • Distance-to-target for sonic tracer
  • Zero or “rebench” sonic tracer
  • Sonic tracer can be active or inactive in auto mode


Precision Means

Where laser grading is generally limited to a flat plane, single-slope or dual-slope surface, the sonic tracer / slope sensor and your Bobcat loader follow virtually any terrain.


    - Auxiliary rotation sensor and mainfall sensors provide correcting information to the slope sensor when traveling up or down hills or when the blade is angled.
  • - Sonic tracer offset can be moved up or down.
  • - Reverse grade from a positive slope to a negative slope with the push of a button.
  • - System calibration control
  • - Turn the sonic tracer on or off to run the slop sensor independently which allows manual control of one side of the blade while the other side maintains the required slope.


For construction, excavating, concrete, asphalt paving or grading and site development, you won’t find a more versatile solution for precise grading performance.

This Sonic Grader Kit is suitable for use on Bobcat 96” grader for operation on large frame Bobcat Loaders.



For further information contact
Bobcat Australia

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