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Rugged New Grasshopper is Made for Turning

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Clark Equipment has taken over distribution and sales of Grasshopper Zero-Turn Mowers in Australia. The US built mowers now include and entry-level machine, the Grasshopper 124, with a 1m mid-mount cutting deck.

Grasshopper product manager Chris Adams said the Kansas manufacturer was the pioneer of zero-turn mowers and made no other style machine. “It is also one of the few companies that make both mid-mount and front-mount machines” Mr Adams said. The range is equipped with Kubota diesel engines and petrol engines from a range of suppliers, although the new model
mower, the Grasshopper 124, has been built with a special engine designed for commercial turf cutting from Briggs and Stratton. The engine series is designed with special seals to prevent dust and grass clippings from getting into the carburettor and other components.

“They are all designed for commercial activity, for more rugged applications” Mr Adams said “Big hours are to be thrown up on the Grasshoppers” Mr Adams said that the front-mounted cutting deck was the ultimate for achieving a clean cut and it was east to fold up and maintain blades.

Clark Equipment received it’s first shipment of Grasshopper products in August ahead of the AgQuip Field Days in NSW and the Elmore Field Days in Northern Victoria in October, where the new mowers were displayed.

Mr Adams said Grasshopper was one of the top five commercial zero-turn machines in the US market and Clark’s direct sales channel would help gain traction in Australia for the distinctive beige and brown mowers. “We don’t sell through mower shops, we sell direct through our own 20 branches” he said “It saves a layer in the distribution”

The Grasshopper 124 is brand new, mid-mount machine, which retails for $8,200 including GST. He said every model in the Grasshopper range ran with high-torque wheel motors. He said a lot of customers liked to buy direct from the importer but did not want to make a purchase of this type online.

“Our pricing is right, we are actually offering something to customers who can buy a commercial machine for about the same price they might spend on a consumer machine. We are picked up by people chasing something a little bit tougher” He said the front-mounted machines appeal to those wanting good vision while trimming lawn edges or fence lines.

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