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NEW Bobcat S450 Skid-steer Loader

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Enjoy the benefits of larger M-Series skid-steer loaders in a smaller machine as Bobcat Company introduces the new S450. The Bobcat® S450 skid-steer loader has higher auxiliary pressures and lower operating weight than its predecessor, the S130, plus increased travel speed, when equipped with an optional two-speed drive system.

The 49-horsepower S450 is designed to serve a wide and challenging spectrum of tasks, whether it’s excavating, grading, loading trucks, cleaning barns, moving pallets, clearing land, removing snow, feeding cattle or planting trees. And because the S450 is less than 5 feet wide, it can access areas where larger machines can’t, replacing jobs previously done with manual labor.

A popular option for larger Bobcat loaders, air conditioning is a new option available in the S450 to keep operators comfortable when the temperatures outside rise. A sealed and pressurized cab helps to keep operators clean and comfortable as they work, sometimes for an extended time, to improve productivity.

More power to perform

You’ve come to expect increased hydraulic performance from M-Series loaders and the S450 doesn’t disappoint. The hydraulic system on the S450 is designed for higher pressure than its predecessors — 3,300 psi — providing increased attachment performance. For faster cycle times on your jobsites, hydraulic flow and engine horsepower are matched to the loader’s rated operating capacity, size and weight — producing a machine that can outperform higher-horsepower skid-steer loaders.

Great reach and faster travel

The radius-lift-path S450 provides exceptional reach and efficient speed. Shorten your travel time with the optional two-speed drive option. The S450 can travel at a top speed of 7.1 mph in low mode and 9.2 mph in high mode when equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC).

Multiple engine advancements

You want to know that your loader engine contains the newest technologies that can save you time and money over the life of the machine. The 1.8-liter engine in the S450 features a non-diesel particulate filter (non-DPF) engine solution that is Tier 4 compliant. By eliminating the DPF in the Bobcat S450 engine, you won’t spend time cleaning the filter, completing the regeneration process, or replacing the filter. In addition to eliminating the need for a DPF, the new engine installed in the S450 offers increased torque produced over a wide range of engine rpm — allowing operators of all skill levels to better utilize the machine’s maximum performance.

Improved machine shutdown protection

For more than a decade, Bobcat loaders have been equipped with standard machine shutdown protection that monitors engine and hydraulic functions. A new system on loaders with the Bobcat engine continues to improve these investment-saving features on the engine functions.

Prior to the Bobcat engine, engine coolant, oil pressure and rpm along with hydraulic oil temperatures and hydrostatic charge pressures were monitored. The system first alerted the operator then shut down the machine if these items fell outside of their normal operating ranges to prevent catastrophic damage.

With the Bobcat engines, machine shutdown is still possible when needed. However, instead of shutdown being the only solution, the system monitors coolant and oil temperatures and manages the engine to prevent them from reaching a point where the machine must be shut down. This prevents engine damage, minimizes engine wear and keeps operators working.

Cold weather protection

When winter blows back in, you’ll appreciate the S450’s new cold weather protection. Anytime the engine temperature is too low, the loader will temporarily limit the maximum engine speed (rpm) to prevent premature component wear or failure. Engine idle speed is also raised slightly to help the engine reach its operating temperature faster. As soon as the engine warms up to a predetermined temperature, the protection feature will deactivate. For improved cold weather starts, an easy-to-install block heater is available.

Increased uptime

Bobcat helps protect your investment and uptime with efficient machine cooling, protected auxiliary quick couplers, air filter with pre-cleaner, solid steel tailgate, frame design and improved tie downs. For routine service, there is easy access to the starter, alternator and filters.


Contact us today to find out more about the Bobcat S450 skid-steer loader. 1300 736 848

Bobcat S450 Brochure

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