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McCormick X70 Easy to drive

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To meet the ever increasing exhaust emission regulations, Argo Tractors have developed the X70 Series tractors that not only comply to these regulations but offer additional customer benefits form increased performance and lower running costs long term. 5 models from 150 to 232hp are powered by the latest generation of engines using SCR technology.


X70 in field

 X70 tractors comply with the latest engine exhaust emissions regulations using SCR technology. The AdBlue additive is injected into the exhaust gases which then pass through the catalytic convertor which naturalizes many of the harmful gases and reduces carbon particulates by up to 90%.
The X70 retains the proven chassis construction which has been proven for many years on previous tractor ranges. This rugged frame design allows the engine to sit on four rubber iso mounts and this reduces noise and vibration throughout the tractor.
The transmission offers excellent speed ratios providing the right speed for every operation.
The 8 powershifts are smooth shifting in each of the four ranges. There is a choice of Mechanical or Electronic range shifting. Each gear change is a 15% increase in speed and allows the operator to achieve the optimum working speed within each range. A creeper option 48 x 40 provides additional speeds for those specialist tasks below 1.5kph. A powershuttle provides smooth directional changes and speeds up headland turns.
The front axle provides a 55 degree turning angle which allows for a tight turning circle. The tractor may be equipped with Independent Front Axle Suspension which is Electro-Hydraulically controlled and gives outstanding comfort on the road as well as in the field over rough terrain. This coupled with the optional cab suspension offers greater comfort and safety for the operator.
The electro-hydraulically controlled P.T.O. offers two speeds of 540 and 1000 rpm.
The PTO output system features a reversible shaft to give either 6 or 21 spines, making implement connection simple.
The closed centre hydraulic system uses a high flow pump to deliver the right amount of oil when required thereby saving fuel and horsepower. The electronic power lift provides a lifting capacity of 10950 kg thus making work easier when heavy implements are used.
A 3.5ton front hitch with optional PTO is available to maximise productivity.
The Deluxe cab has been built not only to meet but to exceed customers’ expectations with the intention of offering the utmost in terms of safety and comfort.
An all-round visibility, a high-efficient air conditioning system, a pneumatic seat with multi-function arm rest, the ergonomically arranged controls, and a hydraulic suspension system (available as an option) make the series X70 an easy-to-drive, true and tireless work companion.


X70 new cab

For more details and to find your closest dealer go to www.mccormick-tractors.com.au or call 1300 784 451

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