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Green Wave: Clark Sets a New Standard with the GenTX and GenEX

Media Type:Press Release

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Green Wave: Clark Sets a New Standard with the GenTX and GenEX

Every storage solution seems to be confronted by the following: How can a total optimum be realised for the target variables "time," "cost," and "failure reduction" without losing sight of aspects specific to materials and the work place? So complex is the requirement profile and so conclusive are the answers that Clark has been providing for decades. Today we celebrate once more with the unveiling of three highly efficient, environmentally-friendly forklifts that have been proven to be durable: the electric models GenTX and GenEX and the Gen2 series C40-55 driven by an internal combustion engine.


Making a Strong Impression:

48 Volts GenTX 16-20s 3-Wheel Forklift Trucks

Clark's new GenTX 16-20s 3-wheel electric forklift trucks include models with a capacity of 1.6 to 2 tons. These forklift trucks offer full AC technology with two high performance, virtually unsurpassable performance drive motors that offer outstanding maneuverability, gradeability and impressive acceleration and stability due to the dual drive motors, which provide increased traction in particular on wet and/or uneven floors.


Top of the Class Not Only in Turning Radius
Each motor’s speed and direction is proportionally regulated by steer tire position and enables a sharp turning radius in comparison with other trucks of the same performance class. Fully enclosed wet multi-disk brakes provide constant brake performance even in humid, abrasive or corrosive environments. The GenTX models react precisely and dynamically to the operator's life and tilt requirements through a standard AC pump motor and controls.


Full AC System for Maximum Efficiency
The GenTX comes standard with a hydraulic pump control and full proportional lift. The pump motor only spins as fast as is needed for use and thus optimizes energy consumption. Regenerative braking, releasing the accelerator pedal, changing direction of travel or applying the service brake returns energy to the battery and not to the brakes in the form of heat. GenTX's full AC system has made brush and contactor changes a thing of the past, the semi-permanent wet disc brakes do not need to be adjusted and the brake pads do not need to be periodically replaced.


Engines and Control Elements Optimally Protected
All motors are fully enclosed and thus protected from water and dust and dirt particles; performance is signaled by monitoring the motor's temperature should as soon as it approaches its limit. In addition, all control elements are enclosed, so they are protected from environmental factors and are also mounted high off the ground in the counterweight for protection.


Excellent in Comfort and Operator Friendliness
The GenTX fulfills the highest demands of comfort with real time operating information on a color display, user-programmable parameters, low noise hydraulic pump and many other options.


New: Gen2 C40-55The C40-55 completes the successful Gen2 series. Outfitted with a diesel or LPG drive, this forklift truck has a carrying capacity of 4.0 to 5.5 tons. The C55 model has a capacity of 5.5 tons and a load distance of 500 mm. These new forklift trucks assimilate perfectly into the Gen2 family when combined with the most modern technology, such as low-emission tier-3 motors and wet multi-disc brakes. In particular, the Gen2 C40-55 line is proof that one never has to sacrifice great driving pleasure and low fuel consumption at the expense of energy efficiency. 

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