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Forestry Cutter Attachment & Forestry Applications Kit

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Forestry Cutter Attachment & Forestry Applications Kit


If you’re looking for a complete tree & brush management package, the Bobcat Forestry Cutter is it.
Punch into large-diameter trees and bring the uppermost limbs quickly to the ground. The forestry cutter’s tube-style drum and spiral tooth pattern allow one tooth to engage at a time – so operation is smooth and less horsepower is required.


Why take a tree to a wood chipper when you can take the Forestry Cutter to the tree?
Simply lower the Forestry Cutter onto the tree and its fast-cutting teeth can rip it to shreds, or tear it to pieces by repeatedly hitting it from the side.


Once the tree is down, produce mulch!
Tilt the Forestry Cutter slightly forward to throw material against counter combs that reduce particles to mulch. Lowering the optional front gate will help retain material when finer mulching is necessary. You have the option to till the mulch right into the soil.


Stay safe with the Forestry Applications Kit
With incredibly thick -laminated polycarbonate windows, FOPS, light guards, muffler guards and shields for the hydraulics, the operator and machine stay in perfect working order.


Tube Style Drum with Carbide Teeth

-  A spiral tooth pattern allows one tooth to engage at a time for smoother operation and less horsepower demand.

-  The double tipped carbide teeth effectively rip through hard and soft woods, providing a long life.

-  The 30 teeth on the cutter provide a quick knockdown of trees and low cost replacement.

-  The cutter operates below grade so that the mulch is processed into the soil.

-  A pressure gauge is visible from the operator’s seat so that the drum operates at the most efficient speed.


 Mulching Counter Combs

- Counter combs provide the ability to do fine mulching and provide wear protection for the rear of the housing.

-  Safety chains reduce debris thrown to rear.


Front Gate

- Reduces front discharge of material

-  Promotes longer processing into finer mulch


Quick Specs:


 Overall Width:



 Cutting Width:



 Operating Weight:



 Number of teeth:



 Tree Size

177.8 – 228.6mm


Suitable for use with Bobcat Loader Models: S250H, S300H, A300H, S330H, S770H, S850H, T870H.


For further information contact Bobcat Australia

30 Salisbury Road

Hornsby, NSW 2077


Phone: (02) 9477 8551 Fax (02) 9476 2712


E-mail: bobaust@bobcat.com.au

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