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FINN T30 Hydroseeder® Wins ‘Best Environmental Product’ at Civinex 2014

Media Type:Press Release

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Clark Equipment is proud to announce that the FINN T30 HydroSeeder® has been awarded ‘Best Environmental Product’ at Civinex 2014, recognising its outstanding erosion, revegetation and fire control abilities.


FINN pioneered the stabilisation and revegetation of the great inland freeways of the USA, inventing the first HydroSeeder® in 1953. This spawned a new industry of turf and erosion control, and FINN has continued to be the world leader in HydroSeeder® technology.

Erosion Control

The FINN HydroSeeder® offers an effective and cost-efficient method of eliminating erosion caused by water runoff and wind. A durable and non-flammable crust is laid, resulting in substrate remaining in place, reducing the risk of contamination to nearby storm water drains and creeks. This makes it ideal for sedimentation control, stabilisation of roadside batters, swale drains and landfill erosion.



The FINN HydroSeeder® gives best-practice method for applying seed for revegetation. The sprayed slurry is a mixture of hydro-mulch, seed, tackifier, soil conditioner and water, applied with pressure via hose or tower onto the soil. This creates the perfect environment for seed germination and turf development, with grasses usually germinating within 7 days and cover establishing within 3 – 4 weeks.


Fire Control

The FINN HydroSeeder® is an effective standby fire tender and mixer for new-generation fire retardant agents.


Clark Equipment proudly accepts the ‘Best Environmental Product’ award from Civinex, in recognition of the capabilities and environmental benefits the FINN HydroSeeder® offers. Clark Equipment is a BRW Top 500 Australian Private Company, employing approximately 450 employees and operating from over 20 locations in metropolitan and regional areas across Australia and New Zealand.


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