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Bobcat S590 - Quiet Achiever

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The Bobcat S590 is what every operator craves: power, endurance, comfort and more.

When it comes to performance, Bobcat® skid steer loaders are in a class of their own. Users are unanimous in their speaking of their experience of powerful breakout forces and improved cycle times in everyday work. The Bobcat S590 vertical path skid-steer loader provides more reach at full lift height than a radius lift path loader, without sacrificing performance. This machine is bigger, quieter and more comfortable than its predecessor, providing everything you need in a skid steer loader.


The S590 is a powerful and durable machine with the comfort features operators crave. The sound within the cab is reduced by more than 60 per cent for a more comfortable working environment. Bobcat Company re-engineered the cab with stronger loader arms spaced wider to make a wider cab possible. This increased the cab space by 10 per cent, creating more room for arms, legs, shoulders, head and feet. Operators have been the great focus in the design of Bobcat M-Series Loaders. There are plenty of comfort items to make life easier for the S590 operator, including a fully adjustable suspension seat, Selectable Joystick Control, storage areas throughout the machine and the all-important cup holder.


Visibility has been significantly increased in all directions. AC units are integrated into the machine, so there is no bulky add-on unit to obstruct your visibility. And the new cab-forward design moves the operator area closer to the attachment, providing a better vantage point for the work area. Bobcat loaders are known the world over for their rugged durability. Thanks to heavy-duty construction, component protection and a superior design, the Bobcat loader outperforms others, maximises uptime, offers more comfort and is still the easiest and fastest to service.



The engine, pump, horsepower and cubic-inch displacement are configured precisely for each model's specific operating capacity. With a powerful standard flow, Bobcat loaders are ready for demanding tasks. An optional high flow system delivers maximum attachment performance. Engine horsepower and hydraulic system performance are finely tuned to run circles around other machines.



High-efficiency hydraulic pumps deliver more power matched to demand and provide better breakout forces.



Hydraulic pumps in Bobcat loaders are matched to cylinder size and loader lift capacity to provide fast cycle times that help get the job done faster.



Bobcat loaders reach maximum torque at a lower RPM to minimise stalling and save time and fuel.



With Bobcat loaders, operators can feel and control the loader's drive, engine torque and tractive effort, so the machine can be pushed to the limit without an engine anti-stall system robbing power when it's needed most.



Optional hydraulic bucket positioning keeps the bucket level when raising lift arms, reducing spillage and allowing operators to work more efficiently.


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Article featured in Earthmoving Equipment Magazine, April/May 2017 Edition

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