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Bobcat Big players in Martelco Hire Business

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'Bobcat Australia and the local dealer, SA Lift and Loader, have been incredible and are big players in our business,' said Glenn Martino, Managing Director of Martelco Hire Pty Ltd. 'They've been with us from the word go and helped us grow the business.'


Martelco's rise and rise in the hire market is a South Australian success story, achieved against the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) a downturn in the building industry, and the incursion of cashed up national hire companies.


When asked why, Glenn and Neil Williams, the Administration Manager, pointed to being a family company with staff and management who understand the South Australian market. Customers know the doors are open all the time; and they can speak to highly trained specialised staff or the business owners. Glenn and Neil are hands on and never far from the coal face and day to day hires.


Glenn suggested, local market knowledge is used to keep competitors guessing.Adelaideis unique and has to be treated like a large country town. There is a need to nurture customers and stay close to them. Marketing that works in Sydney and Melbourne doesn't always work inSouth Australia. It's hard for national hire companies to react quickly to the market. They are answerable to management interstate, shareholders, and a board of directors.


'Being a family business, who understands the South Australian market, is important, but a big reason for our success is we standardised on Bobcat loaders and excavators,' said Glenn. 'We got it right when we bought our first machines because Bobcat's innovation and design is in front of the market. In the past, Bobcat models 763 and S185 loaders were strong machines, and they have been superseded with S130s and S150s. We bought S250s, which were brilliant with a planing attachment. They are tough machines, and great all-rounders. The industry has changed, and Bobcat models have gone along with the trends. We are buying S650s now to replace the S250. They have proven to be an excellent machine and are in high demand by our customers.'


'It surprises me when new machines come into our yard how far they've advanced over the years,' said Neil Williams. 'I started operating 543s and 643s in the mid eighties and the new machines are on another planet. The operators of today are spoilt.'


Martelco run a fleet of Bobcat excavators standardised to one and a half tonne, three tonne, five tonne, and eight tonne. They also have zero swing machines but find their customers prefer conventional excavators because of the extra power the configuration allows.


'We loved the 331s and the 337s but now the new models E32s, E50s, E60s, and E80s are of advanced design, and Bobcat Australia has done it again and kept in front of the market,' said Glenn.


'We have many customers in civil construction, government departments, and mining. Many of them demand Bobcat, and you can't argue with that,' said Neil.



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