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Latest Champion News

Class leading graders from a brand you can trust

The Champion Range

The Champion compact grader was born from necessity in the 1980’s by a US contracting business. Unable to source a compact grader for confined area’s, and encouraged by other contractors facing the same problem, their solution was to design and build their own.

Its success and ongoing development has transformed the contracting business, and the Champion motor grader continues to lead its class in grading equipment. Its product line includes a growing range of compact motor graders as well as the industry's only true all wheel drive compact graders.

For more information contact Clark:

P: 1800 774 540

E: clark@clarkequipment.com

Champion Graders

The new Champion compact graders have big grader features, but are designed to go where big graders cant, and manoeuvre into tight spots for quick finishing and grading

  • Champion C80C: Articulated single axle drive, 60kW (80hp) engine, and 5,810kg operating weight

  • Champion C86C: Articulated all-wheel-drive, 82kW (110hp) engine, and 7,030kg operating weight 

Champion Graders in Detail